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Eat Life Whole is dedicated to helping people eat better, move better and all-around feel better.


A favorite place to share nutritious tips & how-tos for busy folks wanting to live healthier, more energized lives.

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An interactive guide full of tips, meal plans, & recipes to help you prepare healthy meals with confidence.

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On-site wellness classes and multi-week workshops that bring simple, healthy living into the workplace.

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Live, in-person, fun opportunities for sharing insights and DIY (do-it-yourself) tips on body, food & movement.

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We believe that everyone deserves to be healthy (read our story to learn why). We also realize that the demands of everyday life often make being healthy a daily challenge.
At Eat Life Whole, we help do away with these challenges by providing busy people with the tools and info that they need to make healthier choices.

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Doing what it takes to be healthy shouldn’t feel overwhelming and out of reach. With each blog post, we offer valuable nuggets of information to encourage even the busiest folks to stay true to their commitment to good health.

We share our favorite recipes, provide tips on how to feel fit & strong, make suggestions for healing naturally and introduce the people and places that inspire us everyday. We talk straight about the obstacles that keep each of us from feeling our best AND provide actionable, can-do solutions. We take the HARD out of getting healthy.

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Eat Real Essentials is our latest, enhanced eBook (for the iPad and other digital screens) – loaded with great information and visuals to help you make informed food choices, build a natural foods pantry, and prepare healthy meals with confidence.

We’re strong believers that getting involved with your food is THE BEST way to support lifelong health goals. No yo-yo diets, deprivation, or long laundry lists of don’ts. Dive into  Eat Real Essentials. It really is a fun and beautiful way to enjoy a new healthy you.

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How does it work?


In today’s work world, we are all expected to produce more, better, faster. And with fewer resources to do so. No wonder today’s workforce is suffering from record-level stress and burn-out.
But it doesn’t need to be that way. Our custom designed, 4-week Wellness Jumpstart program was created to help even the busiest people push the reset button – and build a solid foundation for lasting, long-term health.
This highly interactive, easy-to-follow program addresses common challenges seen in today’s “always on” work world – no time to cook, no time move, no time to rest. We address these issues head-on, looking at strategies and learning skills that support a healthier, more-energized lifestyle.

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