Cranberry Maple Granola


Two nights ago, I woke up in a panic. Eyes wide-open, heart-racing, clammy-skin panic. I don’t know if it was triggered by a dream or my subconscious asking for my undivided attention (maybe those are the same thing). Either way, my body had moved into a state of high alert, trying to make sense of all the holiday “to-dos” bouncing [...]


Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes – Links We Love (2013)

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

Is it really Thanksgiving next week? Yikes! Ok not to worry. Just a few days ago, I put myself on the hook to cook a few dishes to bring to my boyfriend’s mom’s house. I needed some inspiration for healthy Thanksgiving recipes – so instead of keeping them to myself, I thought I’d share a few yummy finds. My 2013 [...]


10 Cool Inexpensive
Mason Jar Ideas

Mason Jar Ideas

I love mason jars. They are old school, inexpensive, versatile, simple, and most importantly – food-safe without the scary BPA (Bisphenol A, a harmful chemical found in plastics). Did you know that BPA plastics have been around for over 40 years and are used in many EVERYDAY items, like water bottles, sippy cups, lining of canned food, and so much [...]


3 Ways Creative Thinking Can Help You Meet Your Goals

Creative Thinking

It’s true: creative thinking CAN help you meet your goals. Inspired by one of my favorite magazines, Fast Company, and their article, “100 Most Creative People in 2012,” I thought it was time to help you see the connection between creative thinking and feeling great! First, let’s define “creative thinking” Creative Thinking is “a way of looking at problems or [...]


Our favorite shirts! Hand printed
just for you.

Eat Life Whole - Tshirts

A few months ago, Springer and I stepped away from the kitchen, closed our computers, and headed over to a local DIY workshop to learn all about the screen printing process. We left inspired to print more by hand…just for you! Why we share “Eat Life Whole”? Almost two years before launching “Eat Life Whole,” we joked about creating a [...]


5 Tips to Help Your Parents
Live Healthy Too

5 Tips to Encourage Your Parents to Live Healthy Too

If you are reading this blog, then you must have some interest to live healthy, eat healthy, cook healthy or even lose weight, right? Perhaps you may even be interested in simply finding healthy cooking inspiration to feed your fam? Well, on a recent call home to my workaholic momma, I started to think that we’ve never really talked about [...]


My Mother’s Day Gifts to Myself


Since my mom passed away a few years ago, I haven’t really “done” Mother’s Day. Certainly not with the same enthusiasm as I did when Mom was still around. I let the day come and go quietly. Even for my very-much-alive and fabulously wonderful stepmother of 34 years. Lucky for me, she has gracefully allowed the cards and calls to [...]


30 Reasons Why We Make Healthy Eating Easy (and fun)

Eat Real Essentials - Video - Take a Look

Just last week, Springer and I threw on a favorite Pandora music playlist (“Classic Indie Radio” to be exact), cracked open the refrigerator, and cooked a mini feast from our latest eBook, Eat Real Essentials. The real climax of the story is, we taped the whole thing…ON VIDEO! Fun times. To be quite honest, we haven’t had a full-on Springer [...]


It’s Here! Eat Real Essentials


When Steph & I opened the doors to Eat Life Whole a couple years ago, we weren’t quite sure where this journey was going to take us.  All we knew for certain was that we shared a common commitment to providing busy folks like ourselves with the info and inspiration that they needed to take charge of their own health [...]


New eBook. New Format.
New Launch Date!

Eat Life Whole | Update from Springer & Steph

It’s time for an update! Hi everyone. Springer and I have been hard at work, putting together an amazing NEW eBook for all of you healthy, on-the-go eaters out there. What started out as a minor refresh of our seasonal hit, (the EAT REAL Challenge: Spring/Summer Edition), has turned into something much BIGGER…and shall we say quite “bad a$$”! In [...]