What are GMOs
(and are they harmful)?

What are GMO's?

This is important. In fact, I want you to understand what genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are, and how they are harmful for your health and your family. Here’s why you should GIVE A DAMN. If you’ve been keeping up with the news or even random Facebook posts, you may be familiar with blurbs all about GMO foods and Monsanto. And if [...]


Goats Milk vs. Cows Milk –
what’s the difference?

Ask us about Goats Milk

It’s time for a featured “Just Ask” blog post! Last week, a fellow reader messaged us a few questions about goats milk and after checking out our “What’s the Best Dairy-Free Alternative” story, she wanted to learn more about a dairy alternative that has been known to be a bit more gentle on the stomach. QUESTION:  Your blog is so [...]


Q&A: Eating Raw Foods

Eat Life Whole | Ask Us About Eating Raw

QUESTION Just wondering if a person should experience anything when switching to this type of lifestyle? I recently started incorporating more raw food eating on top of a clean low gi diet. I’ve been feeling great but noticed when I eat certain foods I have sharp stomach pains. Wondering if you can provide any feedback. Thanks.  – Claudia ANSWER Hi [...]


What’s the best dairy-free milk?

What is the best dairy-free milk?

Almost weekly, Springer and I receive AMAZING questions from you (our readers) – mostly about ingredients and cooking tips, but also about the other side of “healthy,” like how we started a business, tips for feeding kids, or even suggestions for local San Francisco eats (since that’s where we live). Instead of hoarding the answers, we decided it’s time to [...]