Simple Pea Soup with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds


For the last few years, January has been my pantry “clean out” month. It’s that “out with the old, in with the new” thing – that promise of a clean slate and new opportunities (as it applies to the growing assortment of unclaimed, without-a-plan foods living in my cupboard). I take it on as a challenge, trying to create ways [...]


3 Festive (Alcohol-Free) Cocktails for the Holidays


“Everything in moderation”. Truer words were never spoken. But somehow, we tend to forget all that over the holidays. Like we have some secret permission slip to super-size everything we do. Including how much we drink. My strategy for cutting back on the cocktails? Have a couple alcohol-free options available for the taking – something more festive than your standard [...]


Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon


While growing up, I remember having an almost visceral reaction to my mother’s Brussels sprouts. Even now, my lip kinda curls a bit just thinking about them. Mushy & gray, congealed in margarine. A direct byproduct of the cook-it-beyond-recognition days of the 1970s. Fortunately for all involved, they didn’t make an appearance very often. But they were something that I [...]


Cranberry Maple Granola


Two nights ago, I woke up in a panic. Eyes wide-open, heart-racing, clammy-skin panic. I don’t know if it was triggered by a dream or my subconscious asking for my undivided attention (maybe those are the same thing). Either way, my body had moved into a state of high alert, trying to make sense of all the holiday “to-dos” bouncing [...]


Sweet Potato Mac n’ Cheese


UPDATE: We have been on a mac n’ cheese tear here these last few weeks.  It hasn’t turned into a weekly thing yet but darn near.  And why so much mac n’ cheese?  For two reasons, really.  The first, it has been SO cold here.  Yes, I am talking San Francisco cold but for those of us who are no [...]


Mushroom Kale Tartine


It was about this time two years ago that I went on my first wild mushroom adventure. Led by FeralKevin of Forage SF, we took a day-long trip up the Sonoma Coast to see what we could find. And we were not disappointed. Although there were slim pickings at first, the farther that we traveled away from the beaten path, [...]


Ginger Broth Noodle Bowl


Getting this family of mine fed each day is no easy task. Getting them fed AND keeping them all happy is a feat worthy of celebration. And now that we are trying to do away with “kids dinner” and become a one-meal-for-all family, the challenge has hit new levels. We have all had to compromise along the way. Less “heat” [...]


A Busy Mom’s Guide to Packing a Great Lunchbox: Part 2


If you had told me 10 years ago that I would ever have much to say on the topic of lunchboxes and lunch planning, I would have called you crazy. But here I am, two kids later, with a whole bunch to say on the matter. In last week’s post, I took a good look at what was driving my [...]


Turkey Avocado Wrap


Each summer, my little girls and I head home to Maine for the month of August. For me, I settle in to a few quiet hours of work each morning. The girls head off to a half-day at camp. And then the rest of our time is largely unstructured and outside. That means a whole lot of eating outdoors and [...]


Busy Mom’s Guide to Packing a Great Lunchbox: Part 1


I have to come clean. Packing school lunches is one of my very least favorite things to do. Right up there with unloading the dishwasher. Yet it is one of those things that I need to do most every day. Reason enough to figure out ways to make it an easier, more enjoyable experience for all involved. With my girls [...]