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Meet Springer

Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach
Natural Food Cook

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Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach
Natural Food Cook

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We believe that everyone deserves to be healthy (read our story to learn why). We also realize that the demands of everyday life often make being healthy a daily challenge.

At Eat Life Whole, we help do away with these challenges by providing busy people with the tools and info that they need to make healthier choices.

Our Philosophy

  • Every day is a learning opportunity.
    We learn from you. You learn from us. We grow together.
  • Life should be delicious.
    From the food we eat to the way we live. Each day is a blessing to be savored.
  • We are good neighbors.
    We believe that 1+1 is more than 2. Together, we can accomplish great things.




Eat Real Essentials is our latest, Eat Real Essentialsenhanced eBook (for the iPad and other digital screens) – loaded with great information and visuals to help you make informed food choices, build a natural foods pantry, and prepare healthy meals with confidence.

We’re strong believers that getting involved with your food is THE BEST way to support lifelong health goals. No yo-yo diets, deprivation, or long laundry lists of don’ts. Dive into Eat Real Essentials. It really is a fun and beautiful way to enjoy a new healthy you.

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Doing what it takes to be healthy shouldn’t feel overwhelming and out of reach. With each blog post, we offer valuable nuggets of information to encourage even the busiest folks to stay true to their commitment to good health.

We share our favorite recipes, provide tips on how to feel fit & strong, make suggestions for healing naturally and introduce the people and places that inspire us everyday. We talk straight about the obstacles that keep each of us from feeling our best AND provide actionable, can-do solutions. We take the HARD out of getting healthy.

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