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Eat Life Whole | Update from Springer & Steph

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Stephanie Kanoeola Megumi Wong

It’s time for an update!

Hi everyone. Springer and I have been hard at work, putting together an amazing NEW eBook for all of you healthy, on-the-go eaters out there. What started out as a minor refresh of our seasonal hit, (the EAT REAL Challenge: Spring/Summer Edition), has turned into something much BIGGER…and shall we say quite “bad a$$”!

In all of the “busy people” we’ve worked with over the past few years, we’ve seen consistent, common challenges:

  1. “where do I start (to eat healthy)”; 
  2. “I don’t have the time”; and 
  3. “eating healthy is boring…and sometimes tasteless”

Long story short, Springer and I had to address this…and we needed to do it NOW!

It’s more than just a challenge.

Inspired by our journey, YOU, and the industry-leading companies that we worked with in 2011 and 2012, we saw a real need for our book to not only include a 21-day meal plan challenge, but to also feature Springer and Steph’s foundational kitchen essentials – the back-pocket basics for your everyday stocking, cooking, and prepping.

So, we adjusted the plan, grew the contents of the book, talked about time-saving tips, added recipes, interviewed inspirational people around how “eating real” has changed their lives, AND we made it an ALL-SEASONS book for you to enjoy any time of the year.

So…when is it coming?

We are in the wrap-up phase and our plan is to launch (and I mean really launch) the book this March. It will be an interactive book for the iPad, with additional versions available in .pdf and E-PUB to follow. Springer and I are the dynamic duo behind the whole book. From food photos to design, we are building this puppy from scratch and can’t wait to share our EAT REAL Essentials with you all!

Growing a healthy life…including a business.

Before Springer and I started Eat Life Whole, we compartmentalized our lives into separate buckets. Work goals sat on a totally separate plane from health goals. Being a great boss was apparently more important than being a great mom, or friend, or partner (although we never wanted to admit it). And treating ourselves with respect to sleep more, play more, and laugh more, didn’t quite make the list.

Not anymore! What would it be like if ALL ASPECTS OF OUR LIVES excelled and moved forward?

One thing that we remind ourselves, is that our journey to grow Eat Life Whole and be Eat Life Whole must be one in the same. As much as we wanted to get the book out to you all “yesterday,” we needed to stick to the promise that we created for ourselves – turn off on the weekends, take that walk, play with the kids, enjoy that meal, call family, sleep, and be in the moment.

Believe us, it’s a journey that we are still exploring, but it finally feels right to create a life that’s less divided. It starts with a shift in your mind and a thought that perhaps you too can EAT LIFE WHOLE with us.

Boom! Get ready for Eat Real ESSENTIALS…from our kitchen to yours, launching March 2013. It’s here!

New Update!!! (March 28, 2013)

This week we launched the very exciting interactive iPad and PDF version of the eBook. Check it out preview pages and learn more about the book below.

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