12 Healing Spices and
8 Flavor Combos

12 Spice Mashup for Quick and Yummy Meals

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Stephanie Kanoeola Megumi Wong

Spices add more than flavor. They can do things like sooth your belly, stimulate circulation, or even help regulate your blood sugar. But how do you use them and how many do you really need?

While you can definitely serve-up some pretty delicious meals with just salt, pepper, and a lemon, you may have a desire to cook an ethnic dish (like Indian or Vietnamese) or even grill up an easy spice-rubbed steak.

To ease the guessing game when you are slammed with time, check-out these twelve must-stock spices, their healing powers, and a FREE DOWNLOAD for 8 Easy Spice Combos.

Anise / Start Anise
Soothes the belly and is great for digestive tract issues (i.e. bloating, gas, constipation, or common stomach aches).

Stimulates circulation, boosts the immune system, and is a great anti-inflammatory agent for arthritis, joint pain, and migraine symptoms.

Chili Powder
Contains many anti-inflammatory properties to help with joint aches and pains, and is also recognized for speeding up your metabolism.

Regulates blood sugar, improves energy, helps with digestion, and is a great additive for those suffering with menstrual pain.

Relieves gas, soothes the body to induce a sound sleep, and supports a healthy digestive tract.

Protects against urinary tract infections, lowers blood sugar, aids in digestion, and relieves intestinal gas.

Garlic Powder
Regulates blood pressure, contains anti-cancer properties, and strengthens body’s defences against allergies.

Stimulates blood circulation, contains anti-inflammatory properties, and is widely known to have laxative effects.

Contains strong anti-bacterial properties and a higher percentage of antioxidants than some fruits and vegetables.

Regulates blood sugar, contains antibacterial properties, and contains a significant amount of Vitamin C.

Soothes the lungs (or respiratory system) and has shown to help folks suffering from asthma, common cold coughs, and bronchitis.

Naturally detoxes the liver, a potent anti-inflammatory, and contains many anti-cancer properties for prostate cancer, breast cancer, and melanoma.

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