5 Simple Ways to Detox Daily


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Stephanie Kanoeola Megumi Wong

As most of you juggle busy schedules, you probably know that you don’t function well when you are in over-drive 24/7, right? (Notice “well” is the key word.) You can push through each day, but your energy level is low, you feel burnt-out, moody, stressed, and tired.

What you may not realize, is that your daily activities and food choices can have a direct effect on your body’s ability to perform necessary functions – like digestion and sleep. So what do you do when your body is overstressed, overworked, and filled with junk-food fuel?

You take a TIMEOUT to cleanse the body. Before we dive into a few daily detoxifying techniques, here are a few warning signs that can help you take better care of yourself.

10 Warning Signs:

    1. You are sick way too often.
    2. You have seen a steady increase in weight gain.
    3. Your hair and skin are frail and dull.
    4. You are bloated and have digestive issues.
    5. You don’t sleep well.
    6. You find yourself addicted to sweet things.
    7. You have uncontrollable cravings.
    8. You have frequent headaches.
    9. You are consistently anxious and overwhelmed.
    10. You are numbing yourself with food and alcohol.

If you are familiar with some or all of the warning signs above, it may be time to take some action around improving your health. Whenever we do workshops or individual client sessions, we are constantly reminding them that their daily nutrition is one of the fastest and easiest things to change to help improve their short and long-term health.

Here are 5 simple ways to detox daily:

    1. DRINK TEA UPON WAKING. Herbal teas and green teas are filled with antioxidants and can help lubricate the intestines for proper bowel movements.
    2. INCREASE ALKALIZING FOODS. The average American diet is filled with acidic foods (cheese, meats, nuts, sugar, caffeine alcohol, legumes, and grains). Counter-balance acidic foods with alkalizing foods like vegetables, leafy greens, herbs, fruit, and COCONUT.
    3. DRINK LOTS OF WATER. Hydrating the body will help flush toxins AND lubricate your intestines for proper bowel movements.
    4. EXERCISE. Movement is essential for long-term health. Increasing your heart rate and activating your muscles helps to improve your mood, digestion, cell function, and more.
    5. CHEW MORE. EAT LESS. Slowing down to chew your food is essential in proper digestion. In fact, enzymes in your saliva help break down carbohydrates.



Thanks for reading! My name is Stephanie Wong and I am a certified holistic health & nutrition coach, home-grown natural food cook, lover of all things ginger, and a strong believer that strength is beauty. [read more...]


  1. Hillary says:


    I love your site. Stay tuned! I’m right there with you Sister! As you know I just finished up last February with 9 mo of breast cancer treatment and I’m great now BUT YOU are on the right track! EVERYONE needs to eat this way!


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